Monday, June 18, 2012

The 3500 Dodge Ram Goes the Distance

Just about everyone likes trucks and they serve many purposes -- from towing and hitting the trails to just looking cool as you cruise through downtown Albuquerque.

Although if you own or find yourself looking to buy a dually truck, you probably need it and chances are you will use it for its purpose.

Whether that purpose is towing a horse trailer, taking the bikes out to the desert, or hauling that oversized camper trailer you just had to have, chances are if you are fixed on buying a dually, it's not just for the cool factor of owning a big truck.

Here, at Melloy Dodge, we keep a stock of the 3500 Ram trucks due to their demand -- from personal owners to commercial businesses both small and large.

People from all over the Albuquerque area use our 3500 Ram trucks for all of the toughest chores and relaxing vacation getaways. Businesses also trust our Ram trucks for their outstanding reliability and dependability for their fleet needs.

A Beast of a Truck
The 3500 Ram is a beast of a truck, whether bought as a standard pickup or as a fully decked out utility bed. In going with the big horn, the 3500 Ram is a truck for all your needs.

The Ram 3500 equipped with the HD Chassis ST and a standard cab is equipped to hold the tools for the job and probably do the job for you. With a 5.7Liter, V8 engine, this workhorse can handle all your work tools and then some not to mention tow just about anything.

Just like all of our vehicles, the 3500 Dodge Ram can come as equipped or unequipped as you want with such models as the regular cab, crew cab, and the ultimate road trip cab known as the mega crew cab.

Regular cabs are only available in a long bed, but the crew cab is available in both short and long beds to better suit your needs. The mega crew cab is only available in short bed due to its cabin size. Also available are various luxury packages -- from the standard to the king of the ranch house with the Laramie edition.

Over at Melloy Dodge, we have many models of the 3500 Ram, including the basic but still powerful 3500 ST with its I6 engine and spacious crew cab to a fully decked out 4X4 Laramie. So be sure to head on over to our website or stop into our showroom and check out our inventory today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Discounts for Our Troops

You gave us your all and now it's time we gave back to you. At Melloy Dodge, we want to give something back for your hardships and sacrifice. If you are active military, military reserve, or retired military, you may very well be eligible for a $500 cash allowance towards your next purchase.

Stationed overseas? Why not have a sweet new ride waiting for you on the flip side? Here’s what we can do for you!

The Fine Print
Just a few things to keep in mind -- after all there are always some rules to follow. Eligible persons must fall under one of the following categories: active military or reserve of any branch or an honorably discharged veteran with 20 years active military or reserve.

Alternatively, any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for the $500 bonus cash within six months of their honorable discharge from the military. Spouses of deceased veterans that meet the above stated requirements are also eligible to receive the $500 cash allowance towards a purchase.

The military incentives program does not cover a purchase towards a Dodge Viper, SRT model vehicles, and the Fiat Arbarth. However, with dozens of other models, including the new 2012 line-up, there are plenty to choose from in our extensive inventory.

On to the Fun Stuff
A $500 cash allowance towards your next purchase with us at Melloy Dodge and with only a few restrictions to what you can use it towards.

You want speed? We have speed with the 2012 Dodge Charger -- you will get more than just speed but style, too. So charge into battle with the 2012 Charger a true head turner, available in seven colors and locked and loaded with a 392 horsepower, 3.6liter V6 engine.

Of course, that cash allowance could also be put towards a 2012 Ram that can be tailored and customized to fit your need, whether for work or play. With the Ram, you get it your way. Offering a 1500, 2500, and 3500 Dodge Ram not to mention the 2012 Cargo or Dakota truck, whatever your needs, we have something to suit them.

If you are looking for adventure for the whole family at Melloy Dodge, we offer a whole line-up of SUVs and Minivans all fully upgradable to be equipped with the latest and greatest features like the Dodge Uconnect touch screen media center.

Time to head on over to Melloy Dodge today where we have a team of professionals who are waiting to serve you!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dart through Town

Ever find yourself late to that meeting or job interview but worried that your ride won’t get you there?  In one way or another, we have all been there at some point. But, Melloy Dodge is here to tell you that you can get there in style and comfort and maybe even a little boost thanks to the all new 160HP Tigershark Dodge Dart on the sales floor right now.   

What is the Dart you ask? We’ve got all the details!

Power and Performance at a great price. Packing a 2.0 liter, 160 horses Tigershark motor with available upgrades for the real speed demons out there and a six speed manual transmission. As a compact sedan, it has the interior spacious feel of a mid-size car and delivers up to 39mpg on the highway.

Safety and Security with class-leading 60 standard and available features, including ten air bags. In addition, the Dodge Dart has a safety cage with outstanding protection and reactive front head restraints. Available options include blind spot monitoring and rear cross path detection.

Great-looking Features are found inside and out. On the exterior, there are projector headlamps and LED stop/turn tail lamps as well as an incredible silhouette not often seen in a compact vehicle. Inside, there is craftsmanship and refinement everywhere and even a dash of color throughout.

Some interior features to note include an ergonomic design, ambient lighting, available hand-wrapped protein vinyl and lots of storage.

Five Trim Levels
There are numerous trim levels to choose from with different goodies that make each a standout:
·         The SE is the base model.
·         The SXT adds 17-inch aluminum wheels; power locks and mirrors; air conditioning; and an available 1.4L MultiAir Turbo engine.
·         The Rallye model offers a distinct front fascia with black chrome headlamps and projector fog lamps as well as a class-exclusive integrated dual exhaust and four unique interior themes.
·         The Limited edition has 7-inch TFT reconfigurable display, 8.4-inch UConnect Touch Media Center, and available premium Nappa leather-trimmed interior.
·         The R/T model packs on the extras, including a 2.4L Tigershark4-cylinder with MultiAir II; black, front fascia with a hyper black grille; 18-inch wheels; perforated Nappa leather-trimmed interior with 10-way power driver's seat; three technologically advanced and efficient engines; 12 exterior colors, 14 interior color and trim combinations, six wheel choices, 3 engines and 3 transmissions; available integrated dual exhaust+ and 'Racetrack' LED tail lamps; and 7-inch reconfigurable Thin Film Transistor (TFT) reconfigurable display and 8.4-inch UConnect touch screen.
Waiting for You!
Come on down to Melloy Dodge and see what’s waiting for you whether it is a Dodge Dart or any of the other incredible vehicles we have in stock for you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Customer is Always Right

The idea that a business would outright say that the customer is always right is something you probably don't hear of very often. However, it is our mantra here at Melloy Dodge. However, we understand that many people are skeptical about going shopping for a car, SUV, or truck. That’s because not every dealership shares our customer philosophy.

The Bad and the Ugly
Did you ever notice how it seems as if the very second you step foot on a dealership that the sales people just spring on you? It can feel like a pack of hungry wolves or, in some cases, a blood thirsty shark is ready to attack.

Sales people are often hated and ignored by customers. After all, there is that impression that they only care about making their numbers and picking up their commission check.

The Good
Those that do this forget one thing – customers can become customers for life if you look at them a bit differently and see them as a long-term relationship. At Melloy Dodge, we recognize that this vehicle purchase most likely won’t be your last, especially if you have kids or your family is growing or you are a business owner that is developing their fleet.

You are also a customer who may want to enhance their car with aftermarket parts or you are one that wants to take good care of your vehicle so will need service.

Having said that, our sales people -- from those on the floor to those that oversee Internet sales -- are trained differently so you don’t have to be afraid to window shop or ask questions.

The Advice
Before you stop in, we tell all customers that doing some research is important so that you feel informed and, well, so you can be right about anything you state about a vehicle (because we would not want to even politely have to correct you about a Dodge fact or a RAM fact!).

So, the first step is that, once you have found that car or truck that you know deep down in your gut is the ride for you, learn everything there is to know about it! From there, the next step is to come by the dealership armed with that information.

Our sales people will be ready and prepared to hear about the make, model, color, upgrade and any other feature you want from your Dodge vehicle or RAM truck.

From there, our sales associate will find out what's in stock and begin the process of reaching a price point and financing plan that fits your budget and delivers you the vehicle of your dreams in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Be sure to have your questions ready to test our sales team on their knowledge of vehicles.

We are proud to say that our elite sales staff knows each vehicle inside and out, so test away! In addition, our finance team has also been put through the paces so that they can understand how to put your best interests first when it comes to a financing option that meets your unique needs.

The Deal
Before you stop in to Melloy Dodge, take a few dealerships for a test drive to see how their service measures up and see if they agree that the customer is always right. Then, when you can’t stand it any longer, come to Melloy Dodge for the real deal of service and value.

Of course, we don’t advocate that you torture yourself – you are welcome to take a detour straight to us once you have done your research and are ready to browse or deal!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Road and Under the Beating Sun

Summer is just a month away; it's practically already here and eagerly waiting at our doorstep. With summer comes a myriad of options of things for us all to do whether locally in the New Mexico area or out of state on a road trip or quick weekend getaway.

Just in our local area of New Mexico there happens to be a number of beautiful local spots for you and your friends or family to enjoy. For while the destination is usually pretty amazing, car lovers like us also believe that there is much fun to be had in the drive itself!

Hitting the Road
Be sure to bring some snacks and plenty of water as chances are it's going to be a smoking hot day. If you are putting the top down on that convertible or rolling down the window or opening the sunroof, don’t forget to grab the sun block.

Also important are maps, but you may even have a Dodge with a great GPS already locked and loaded with your location. Last thing is to fill the tanks and pile into the car. It’s time to hit the road!

New Mexico Sights
There are truly quite a few gems in this state, but this is for a road trip so below are just a few of the many amazing scenic drives that New Mexico has to offer and quite a few have some real hot spot destinations:

The Angel Fire scenic drive is a 34-mile forest drive that follows along the Mora River and also runs along the Angel Fire Ski Resort. There are plenty of places to stop and kick back for a picnic or just to spend some time with nature. Without a doubt, the Angel Fire scenic drive should be at the top of your to do list for the summer.
Maybe you are more interested in soaking up some history than the sun. Well, with the Billy the Kid trail, you can do both! This trail is both scenic and historical as you can follow history and see where Billy the Kid lived.

You will also be able to learn about the 'Lincoln County War' amongst other interesting historical features the trail also has many recreational opportunities.
While it would be pretty easy to go on and on about New Mexico's many scenic routes and destinations, the adventure lies in the trip itself, so why not jump behind the wheel of a roaring Dodge Charger and hit the road today?

Melloy Dodge wishes you all an amazing summer. And, if you are not sure your ride is cut out for the summer time road trips, make a break for our showroom and pick up a new set of wheels for your upcoming adventures!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Save Money Now! Tips for Being a Fuel-Efficient Driver

With gas prices on the rise in New Mexico and everywhere really, it’s a wonder why people would continue to make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to fuel consumption. They may seem like little things -- accelerating too quickly get around that clunker and then having on the breaks to stop at the light that just turned red with such horrific timing.

Here is the problem with these little things -- they all affect your vehicle’s gas mileage and not in a good way. This type of driving is not only hazardous to you and those around you, but it also literally kills your gas mileage. And, with these gas prices, you can’t afford to drive this way.

To turn you into a fuel-efficient driver, our experts here at Melloy Dodge have some very useful driving tips that will help you get the most out of your automobiles whether it's a gas guzzling extra cab, long bed truck or an eco-mobile.

Driving Technique
Don’t turn every drive into a race where you must always assume the pole position. The race car technique simply wastes gas.  The sudden acceleration and deceleration kills your gas mileage up to 33% not to mention it’s not courteous.

So put the racing gloves down for now and just drive with steady position on the gas pedal, accelerating slowly to maximize the fuel. You’ll get to your destination in the same amount of time and most likely in a calmer state. You’ll also have more fuel in the tank for the commute home! Saving on speed saves money.

Lighten Your Load
The next tip is to not drive all weighed down! Now we understand that sometimes you just find yourself in a job that has you lugging a couple hundred extra pounds in your trunk or trunk. Just be sure that it doesn’t stay like that all the time by keeping the minimum amount of excess weight on board.

That’s because that extra weight is making your vehicle working harder to go at the same speed. And, whenever it is working harder, the gas is being sucked up at a higher rate.

Keeping it Cool
This time of year also starts getting really hot and it seems easy to just put the air conditioning on blast. The only problem is that this also eats up the gas. Instead, try rolling down the windows until it is truly unbearable.   

Maintenance Helps
Regularly maintaining your vehicle also keeps it in good working order, which also helps to keep unnecessary gas from being used up. Especially keep an eye on your tire pressure as this can make a significant difference in how many times you fill up at the pump.

Take care of your car or truck, and it will take care of you by helping you deal with those gas prices!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Change Your Oil Free…with Melloy Dodge Today

The oil change is probably the most commonly done service on automobiles everywhere except for some who may want to test the limits of their investment. Even those vehicles that now go the distance with special oils do still need regular maintenance to ensure they are performing at their peak.

It’s also important to remember that a car or truck really is a major investment after a home purchase. To ensure they keep going the distance, maintenance is a must. If you skip an oil change to save some money, you are actually increasing your chances of your vehicle breaking down.

This only leads to higher repair bills and a lower residual value when you go to trade it in or sell it.

Sad Statistics
Many people must fit into this category because a 2001 National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence survey found that 35% people neglect oil, filter, and lube services.

It may be that they are trying to save money or just have such hectic lives that it’s hard to find time. Whatever the case may be, it’s best to make the time to ensure that your vehicle never gives out on you!

Timing it Right
For many years, we have had the magic 3,000 miles ingrained into us that this is when the oil should be changed. However, today, thanks to technology, there are some wider mile ranges to consider. While older trucks and cars still may need an oil change at 3,000 miles, newer models tend toward 5,000 miles while certain manufacturers say 7,500 miles can be done thanks to advanced technology.

We Love Free Stuff!
Even better, though, is that we love to give free stuff to our customers! That's right! At Melloy Dodge, we are giving all of our Facebook buddies a chance at a free oil change! That also includes an inspection and tire rotation! And, that’s why they call us the deal makers!

It’s super easy to get involved! All you have to do is like us on our Facebook page and share our page on your wall, and then you are entered to win!

So, whether you do it yourself or not, at Melloy Dodge, we understand and value your time and money spent as a customer. Be sure to enter to win today and your next oil change could be on us.